12 people found adhered death, stimulating polite row between Turkey and Greece

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12 people located adhered death, triggering polite row in between Turkey and also Greece

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu claimed the lots travelers froze to fatality in Ipsala, a border town often utilized by migrants looking for to enter the European Union.
Where the travelers came from as well as why they were stranded in icy conditions remains unclear, but Greece and also Turkey have criticized each other for the disaster.
Soylu affirmed on Twitter that the group was averted by Greek boundary officials and also removed of their footwear and also clothing. He tweeted obscured images that appeared to show the bodies of a minimum of 8 individuals, partly dressed as well as depending on the mud.
Soylu called the Greek boundary patrol and also systems ruffians, and claimed the European Union was “remediless, weak as well as devoid of humane sensations.”
Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi, nonetheless, refuted Soylu’s allegations of misdeed.
“The fatality of 12 travelers on the Turkish border near Ipsala is a tragedy, “he stated in a declaration.”Yet the truth behind this event births no resemblance to the incorrect publicity pressed out by my equivalent.”
Mitarachi claimed that the migrants” never ever made it to the boundary.” “Any kind of tip they did, or without a doubt were pressed back right into Turkey is utter rubbish,”he said.”Instead than pushing out unproven cases Turkey requires to measure up to its responsibilities as well as work to avoid these hazardous journeys.”
The Greek international ministry did not right away react to CNN’s request for comment about Turkey’s accusations.
The 12 migrants became part of a team of 22. Regional authorities claimed in a statement that they are still looking for the remaining 10 which they have actually opened an investigation right into the case,
TheCouncil of Europe and migrants themselves have actually for years alleged that the Greek Shore Guard and also boundary patrols press back travelers, sometimes mixed-up. Though the United Nations Civil Rights Company has actually recorded “qualified reports” of such events, the Greek government has consistently rejected them.CNN’s Sugam Pokharel added to this report.Published at Wed, 02 Feb 2022 18:21:59 -0500


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