French Army awards contract to SAAB for new camouflage system

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French Army honors contract to SAAB for brand-new camouflage system


Swedish aerospace and also protection business Saab announced on Thursday a structure agreement for the supply of its Barracuda multispectral camouflage systems with the French protection purchase company, Direction générale de l’armement (DGA).

As noted by the company, the contract consists of the delivery of brand-new camouflage systems as well as a system adjustment phase together with the DGA. The contract is for eight years and also offers annual deliveries.With this teamwork

, the DGA and the French Military will profit from Saab’s international network and also more than 60 years of competence in the area of advanced camouflage systems. This program has a pioneering character as well as is arranged in different participation stages. In enhancement to the delivery of one of the most sophisticated camouflage systems for the operational areas of the French Army, the order includes a joint job phase throughout which the Barracuda camouflage options will be especially adjusted to the French Military’s operational needs.


“The very first phase of this program will adjust the specification of the multispectral camouflage webs in order to meet the particular demands of the French Military. The offered modern technology will certainly improve the user’s capability to remain unseen in the battleground where the development of even more qualified and also available sensing units significantly boosts the demand for efficient camouflage,” claims Henning Robach, head of company device Saab Barracuda.Solarmtex S.A.S, located in Vierzon, will be the regional commercial and circulation partner for Saab’s Barracuda signature management and camouflage products in France. Saab’s Barracuda advanced camouflage systems have been delivered to greater than 45 countries. Saab uses a distinct plan of innovative state-of-the art Barracuda camouflage systems and also security options, created to restrict the adversary’s detection and also assault capacities. Various services as well as setups are available to protect camps, individuals, automobiles, weapon stations, sensing units equipment and various other assets in any kind of sort of terrain or environment.Published at Fri, 14 Jan 2022 06:23:25 -0500


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