Russian-backed militants send out more containers to frontline placements of Ukrainian military

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Russian-backed militants send more storage tanks to frontline settings of Ukrainian military


< div class= "tdb-block-inner td-fix-index"readability ="54.77167896679"> Russian-backed militants have deployed added 275 battle cars, including main fight tanks and also weapons systems, closer to frontline placements of the Ukrainian military on the country’s war-torn east, according to journalism office of the Joint Forces Procedure.

“Throughout the past 24hrs, an additional 275 fight cars of the Russian-backed forces, which were posted in infraction of the Minsk Agreements [arrangements which sought to end the war in the Donbas region of Ukraine.], were in addition discovered and tape-recorded at the temporarily occupied region,” the press release says.The complete itemized listing from the Joint Forces Procedure declaration is as complies with:-PROMOTION -CONTINUE READING LISTED BELOW- In particular, in the area”1 Military Corps”, a total of tools as well as armed forces devices 37 devices, consisting of: – in the area of NOVOSELIVKA( 31 km from the frontline)– storage tanks of unidentified type(7 systems); – in the area of TERNOVE (57 kilometres from the frontline)– tanks of unknown type (7 units);
weapons systems (9 devices), armoured lorries(14 systems). In the location of the supposed “2nd Army Corps”, a total amount of tools and army equipment 238 units, consisting of: – near BUGAIVKA(37 kilometres from the frontline)– 2S1″Gvosdika” 122mm self-propelled howitzers(14 units), D-30 122mm
howitzers (12 systems); T-72 storage tanks(1 unit), T-64 storage tanks (13 systems)- near SADOVYY (57 km from the frontline )– lugged cannons(6 devices ); – near SHYMSHYNIVKA (27 km from
the frontline)– containers of unknown type (10 systems); – near MIUSYNSK (62 km from the frontline)– artillery systems (15 devices), hauled cannons (10 systems),
containers of unidentified type (19 systems). Likewise noted is that the work of the Company for Safety And Security and Co-operation in Europe( OSCE) Unique Surveillance Objective(SMM)at

the temporarily occupied areas was accompanied by troubles from the militaries of the Russian Federation.Small-arms fire was routed at an SMM mini-unmanned aerial lorry(UAV )near VASYLIVKA.In addition, short-range SMM UAVs were affected by general practitioner interference during flights over areas near VASYLIVKA

, KASHTANOVE and also KALINOVE.Published at Sunlight, 16 Jan 2022 07:38:36 -0500


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