Ukrspecexport to advertise brand-new anti-materiel rifle

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Ukrspecexport to advertise new anti-materiel rifle

Ukraine’s armed forces export agency, Ukrspecexport, revealed Thursday an unique joint Horizon’s Lord advertising and marketing contract which to aid market the new anti-materiel rifle around the globe.According to a recent information release, Ukrspetseksport has actually signed a contract on representation and teamwork with Volodar Obriyu(Horizon’s Lord in English ), which is the programmer of a multi-caliber anti-materiel rifle of the same name and also distinct ammunition for it.The”Perspective’s Lord “rifle is developed for sabotage as well as counter-sabotage activities, including in deserts and also mountain locations; to destroy adversary snipers, large-caliber maker guns, anti-tank projectile systems(ATGM), as well as to fight lightly armored lorries.-ADVERTISEMENT -CONTINUE ANALYSIS LISTED BELOW –

“This rifle and ammo for it is an unique residential growth, which in numerous aspects has benefits over existing sniper rifles of this type. “The style attributes of the “Horizon’s Lord” permit to swiftly move from one caliber to an additional, just by changing the barrel,”– claimed Deputy Director-General of SC “Ukrspetsexport” Yuri Shramko.


Ukrspetsexport noted that the initial layout of the MCR-HL permits to swiftly adjust the rifle to any kind of large-caliber cartridge that is in service with possible operating nations, specifically: 12.7 x99NATO, 12.7 × 108; 12.7 x114HL; 14.5 × 114 and even a small-caliber projectile 23 × 115, which will significantly enhance the battle capacities of the squads.The contract imagines combining the efforts of Ukrspetsexport and Perspective’s Lord to develop the promising Ukrainian concept of MCR Perspective’s Lord rifle +12.7 x114HL cartridge, and also the sniper complex to get in the worldwide market. “We are proud to have obtained an

exclusive possibility to provide the encouraging development of domestic gunsmiths on globe markets.”The owner of Horizon’s Lord has actually currently aroused the passion of our global companions, as well as we will certainly be honored to demonstrate it to potential clients,”said Yuri Shramko.Published at Fri, 11 Feb 2022 07:47:54 -0500


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