United States Army awards contract to Lockheed Martin to produce 8th THAAD battery

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United States Army awards agreement to Lockheed Martin to produce eighth THAAD battery


Government’s No. 1 tools provider Lockheed Martin introduced Tuesday that it has received a contract completing $74 million to generate the Terminal High Elevation Location Protection (THAAD) Weapon System for the Projectile Defense Agency (MDA).

As noted by the firm, the award quantity covers the manufacturing of a 8th THAAD battery for the united state federal government. It’s expected to be fielded by 2025.

“This honor shows the U.S. government’s continued self-confidence in the THAAD Weapon System and in its unique endo- as well as exo-atmospheric protection ability,” claimed Dan Nimblett, Vice Head Of State of Upper Rate Integrated Air as well as Projectile Defense at Lockheed Martin Missiles and also Fire Control. “With 16 of 16 effective trip test intercepts as well as current fight success plainly recording the efficiency of THAAD, adding an eighth battery will additionally boost readiness against existing and also evolving ballistic rocket threats.”


The initial THAAD Battery (Alpha Battery, 4th Air Defense Weapons Routine, 11th Air Defense Weapons Brigade) was activated in May 2008 and also the seventh THAAD battery was turned on by the united state Army in December 2016.

THAAD is a highly reliable, combat-proven defense versus short, tool and also intermediate-range ballistic projectile risks. THAAD is the only U.S. system made to intercept targets outside as well as inside the ambience. The system makes use of Hit-to-Kill innovation to damage a risk with direct impact counteracting dangerous payloads before they get to secured assets on the ground. THAAD continues step-by-step capacity improvements within the tool system to continually enhance capacity versus current and arising threats.Published at Thu, 21

Apr 2022 08:16:13 -0400


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