United States Army orders more jam-resistant general practitioner systems

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United States Military orders extra jam-resistant general practitioner systems


GPS Resource, a subsidiary of General Characteristics Mission Equipments, was awarded a brand-new agreement from the U.S. Military to supply jam-resistant GPS systems that allow U.S. fight vehicles to operate in an atmosphere when room navigating signals are deteriorated or denied.As per the range of this agreement, GPS Source received an order for the 2,000 th Placed APNT System(MAPS ), Generation I (MAPS GEN I), a mobile modular system that keeps an eye on general practitioner signals for validity and also sends out the validated information to armed forces devices.MAPS GEN I is a mobile modular system that keeps an eye on general practitioner signals for legitimacy as well as sends out the confirmed information to army tools. This system has remained in quick growth, manufacturing, as well as fielding considering that the acknowledgment of the requirement to safeguard general practitioner signals against peer and also near-peer foe. It is being fielded throughout the Military’s fight formation to allow warfighters to carry out mobile operations in a GPS-contested environment.-PROMOTION-CONTINUE READING LISTED BELOW-“This milestone order demonstrates the growing recognition of the MAPS GEN I remedy to the guaranteed placement, navigating, and also timing

obstacles encountered by U.S. Military compels worldwide,”stated Aaron Mebust, supervisor of GPS Source.”As the first provider of a fielded guaranteed PNT remedy, General Dynamics will remain to spend extra resources to provide raised capabilities to deal with the developing PNT threat faced by our soldiers.” The Army originally fielded the MAPS GEN I system in the fall of 2019, making it the initial APNT remedy to be operationally deployed

. Based on successful setup as well as performance of these systems throughout field screening by the Army, the Army’s Task Manager Positioning, Navigation, as well as Timing purchased the initial 1,000 units for functional release. Released at Fri, 21 Jan 2022 03:34:07 -0500


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