US Air National Guard to get more robot dogs

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United States Air National Guard to get more robotic pet dogs


The Rose City Air National Guard Base (PANGB) informed press reporters last week they were satisfied with ingenious technology established by Ghost Robotics referred to as the Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (QUGV).

On Friday, the press release claimed that the new enhancement to the PANGB household has been under the treatment of the 142nd Safety And Security Forces Armada. The canine-like body of the QUGV mirrors the beam of lights of sunlight off of its exterior, and also with one click of a switch, it is awakened.142 nd Safety Forces Squadron logistics and also sources noncommissioned police officer, Tech. Sgt. Jamie Cuniff, has been dealing with the new modern technology considering that its arrival at PANGB.


“We’re kind of spearheading this entire side of safety, this autonomous protector as they claim, which makes me feel actually excellent and also proud to be in the unit,” said Cuniff.Cuniff has actually been

a vital advocate for the adoption of the robot dog, and has been the leading force in getting it ready for its protection goal below.

“From a safety and security viewpoint, it’s mosting likely to benefit us in the manner in which it supplies some genuine time video comments as well as also acts as a deterrent,” claimed Cuniff.This semi-autonomous robot is set to lessen human direct exposure to threat. The special capacities of the robotic, including its sensor plan, produces a noteworthy advantage for base protection. “It’s going to give us greatly extra, live ground situational understanding “stated 142nd Security Forces Leader, Lt. Col. Ryan Barton.” I see the pet dog bringing a great deal of extra ability down the roadway. Claim we have a building alarm or an event we require to react to on the setup– the pet can choose us or first as well as give us a video feed of what’s taking place inside the building, while likewise giving a two means user interface that allows us the ability to begin affecting the scenario while various other Protectors react.”The robot can individually track the boundary of the base, sustain a range of surface, scan the area with multiple different video camera kinds, traveling long distances on one fee, give energetic monitoring of the location, and funnel that information back to those in the Safety Forces Squadron via safe and secure ways. The Protectors can interrupt the independent feature of the pet at any type of time, as well as manually manage it, as a means to focus or guide the ability based on the circumstance.”This is the sort of modification that we must all pursue,”claimed Barton.

“Maybe not a robotic canine, but to locate points that human beings do not necessarily have to do, or do not do well and also include technology or some variation of development to maximize the workforce while additionally enhancing capacity.” Making use of the robotic protects against actual dogs and also people from being unnecessarily subjected to threat.

Additionally, the cam capacities supply details that would certainly not be perceptible to the human eye. According to Barton, looking onward, the base is functioning to gain 2 even more QUGVs, for a total of three pets which will certainly give improved safety and security to the base, protecting our workers in addition to our objective assets.This novel enhancement to the 142nd Wing brings with it the capability to improve PANG’s mission efficiency via added

detection and sharp ability, freeing up time for the defender to come to be a lot more efficient in their skill collections, as we relocate into the future.Published at Mon, 18 Apr 2022 09:10:14 -0400


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